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Transformation Day


your day of transformation

It’s all about you. We know your time is limited, and success is needed. And fast.

Which is why the day has been designed to help you focus, have clarity in your thinking and achieve a breakthrough to move you faster and easier towards your goals.

how we will work together

We begin by increasing your self awareness and discovering why you do and think the way you do. This takes place before the actual day, you’ll complete an EDISC and Meta Dynamics profile and be guided through the results in a 1-2-1 call with Joanna Howes.

The information from the profiles will then be used as a guide for what we will cover in your personalised transformation day.

Here are some of the key areas we can cover to accelerate your leadership


Identifying what drives and fulfils you

problem solving

Developing the levels of thinking required to solve all problems


How to be the boss of your mind and take charge of your results


Stepping into your leadership identity

decision making

Building conviction in your decisions

difficult conversations

Gaining confidence and learning the framework to deliver effective feedback

leadership standards

Learn how to raise your standards and activate your full potential

team performance

How to achieve high performance by connecting and building strong relationships with each team member

what’s included in your transformation package


EDISC and Meta profiles with two x 1-2-1 sessions

To maximise our time together and to create a day that is personalised to your needs, we’ll send you a link to complete an EDISC and Meta Dynamics profile.


prep call

A 15 minute final prep call to confirm the key outcomes you want to achieve from the day.


the transformation day

On the Transformation Day itself, either in-person or via Zoom, we’ll deep-dive into your leadership and work through your personalised plan. If you’re in a vastly different time zone, the strategy day can be split into 2 x sessions. If you’re in the UK, we’ll pick somewhere fabulous and mutually convenient to work from.


follow up call

And finally, because questions can crop up after the Transformation Day, we’ll have a follow up call one week later. This is simply to address any questions that have arisen, or provide any further clarification. We can also discuss what ongoing support you need, as many clients move onto regular coaching/ support packages.

book a free call to discuss your transformation day

what people say…


Simply put - She's 'Life Changing' Jo has an ability to enable a fearless focus on creating a personal and professional roadmap to success.

If you are fortunate enough to be able to access her time then, take the opportunity by BOTH HANDS!!

Elaine Hassan

Director of Client Services


Jo has helped me to transform my confidence in how I think and feel about myself and how I can lead and grow my team. This has enabled me to feel fulfilled in my role as a leader.

Paul Foster

Senior Director


Working with Jo has been extraordinary!
I feel a completely different leader from when I started working with Jo, my team agrees and I hope to continue to work with Jo throughout my career.

Alex Barton

Developer Partner

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