Gareth Turner/ The Courageous Leaders Club Podcast. Released 2022.
Gareth Turner: Creating Environments of Psychological Safety

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Inspirational, honest and insightful stories and conversations from courageous leaders

The Courageous Leaders Club podcast aims to inspire leaders to step into their courageous zone, be the leader they know they can be and discover the mindset skills and behaviours to take their leadership to the next level.

So listen in, get inspired on how you can grow your leadership impact. Leave a legacy you can be proud of, and build an environment for future leaders to thrive.

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052: Jude Gay – Executive Creative Director at Hugo & Cat

Join us whilst we talk about the four key elements for building trust as a new leader with your team and why you need to get out of the weeds, so that you can see the bigger picture.Jude also shares his thoughts about how to cut your creative stress and how you can build up resilience to handle feedback as a creative, on the receiving end and as a leader who is giving it.

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051: Lianre Robinson – CEO at Codec

Join us whilst we talk about the key things you need to set you up to have an honest conversation and why there isn’t only one way to get to your goal.Lianre also shares her thoughts about what it’s like to become a CEO and the importance of having a support network.

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