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Why I’ll always invest in myself as a leader

An interview series with previous Activate Your Full Potential participants

Today I’m delighted to welcome Diya, who joined my group coaching programme ‘Activate Your Full Potential’ last September. A 10 part leadership training that combines 121 coaching, online training and a community of like-minded leaders.  The course is for those who are committed to elevating their leadership, to have a positive impact by leading as their true self. 

As someone who worked for over 20 years in the creative industry I understand the challenges that many creative leaders face. This is why it is my passion to help those in this space to realise their potential and help them lead a more fulfilled life at work and at home. 

Thank you Diya for agreeing to share how the programme has impacted you and your leadership. 

Before enrolling in the programme, how were you feeling about yourself as a leader?

I felt like I had some of the tools to be a good leader but they felt scattered and clouded. I knew what I wanted to achieve but it felt like a mountain to climb.

What made you realise that investing in yourself was the right decision for you?

I knew taking some time for myself and seeking guidance from someone who has walked in those steps before me would only help me become better. This has been a tough year and I’m a true believer in slowing down and taking the time to recalibrate. To be able to reassess if things can be done better, I can do better, rather than just running at things in the same way and getting the same results.  

What made the ‘Activate Your Full Potential’ group coaching stand out for you?

In short, it was Jo. She has worked in the creative industry before she understands the struggles and the ups and down that come with it. I have immense trust in her abilities as a coach and she has a great way of getting straight to the issue and providing the support you need to fully understand yourself.

How did meeting and working with like minded leaders help your growth?

This was my favourite part. I gained a lot from hearing how other people have the same struggles, questions and hearing how they can see things differently. The biggest lesson I learnt from everyone was the strength in showing vulnerability. It’s ok to not have all the answers all of the time.

What problems has AYFP helped you solve so far? 

The main thing I’ve taken away from the course is the realisation that people just think differently to you and each other. Having this awareness has helped a lot with overall communication at all levels.

How did the programme make you feel?

The programme made me feel very centred and balanced. It made me confident at being flexible – switching from one state of mind to another and resourcefully reacting to what’s in front of me. Improving my Communication by really listening to what people are saying.

Would you recommend coaching to other leaders?

I couldn’t recommend the course enough to other leaders. It’s a gift that keeps on giving over time.

What advice would you give to other leaders who may be feeling like they have more to give but are unsure how to access it? 

My main advice is to lean in. Lean into not knowing all the answers, to learning, to getting things wrong and being open to change. The drive to grow is a key characteristic to being a good leader in my eyes and this course offers that in abundances.

What’s next for you and your business/role?

I was lucky enough to get my team some leadership training with Jo too. My next step is using those new skills to elevate the role of the team within the organisation, making everyone feel safe and having a seat and a voice at the table.


Thank you so much Diya for being so open and honest about your experience. I’m so pleased to hear that you found the course so valuable and that you will keep referring back to it. 

If anything Diya shared resonated with you and you are ready to seek clarity in your leadership and bring a positive impact to your work and your team, then do check out my programme. There are only a *few spaces* left, so for all the details and how to save your space follow the link below; 


If you would like to speak with me first then please do not hesitate to email me, I’d be delighted to talk you through how the programme can help you. 

Joanna is an award winning international coach who is passionate about helping people achieve personal and business success. Combining 20 years of operational experience with her behavioural expertise and leadership coaching, Joanna has worked with leading companies like Getty Images and the BBC to increase performance and results.

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