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My journey of leadership beyond the job title

You have the leadership title, yet do you see yourself as a leader or feel you are being the leader you know you can be?

Take a moment to think about what your leadership title means to you.

I’ll be honest, I admit that when I started my career, it was all about getting to the top as fast as I could.  A big driver for this was feeling the need to prove that I was good enough – to myself and my family.

I was chasing the job title and the salary.  I wasn’t thinking about who else this involved. I just wanted to prove I could do it so I could tell my family and friends I was a leader. I was only thinking about ME. 

Then one day, I was introduced to my team.  In that moment I knew it was no longer about me and the RESPONSIBILITY hit me out of the blue.

No one had ever shown or told me what it REALLY meant to be a leader.  

Yes, I’d had leaders lead me, but I didn’t know how to think, act or be a great leader.  I suppose I took it for granted that I was being led.

All I was focusing on was the job titles and promotions. 

I needed to get my act together

I knew I needed to learn the skills of being a leader, especially as quite a few people in my team were older than me and, at that time, weren’t too keen about that.

I found a training course I believed would help and signed myself up for it.

It was the best decision I made.  Not only did I learn more about the business as a whole, I also understood the key skills of leadership.

Luckily, I’ve always been able to instinctively support people and create a safe environment for people to be open and share how they are.  This was my strength as a leader.

However, dealing with conflict, finding my voice in the leadership meetings and knowing who I really was as a leader didn’t come straight away and needed work.

Getting out of my own way

The moment I decided to learn about who I am, was the transformation I had been waiting for.

I knew there was more in me to give, yet I didn’t know how to access it.  I was constantly getting in my own way and getting stuck in my own head. 

The key that unlocked my potential was learning how to be in charge of my mind.

This was more powerful than any practical leadership training I’d ever had.  This breakthrough allowed myself to drive forwards to where I wanted to go.  

It all starts with knowing who you are and how you think

You CAN be the leader you know you can be.

You CAN access what’s in your mind to propel you forwards.

The change for me happened when my mentor said to me ‘Are you committed or are you interested in being the best version of you?’

I knew I was committed and the rest is history.

Did I think this learning would take me to running my own business? No.  

Am I living my dream? Yes, as I can now spread the message of how to be a great leader and activate your full potential.

‘Do something today your future self would be proud of’ is a saying that has helped me so much.

So, what can you do to be the leader you want to be and one your team deserves?

If you’re committed to be the best version of you and you are ready to stand in your power as a leader, you can access my FREE GUIDE – 7 ways to be in charge of your mind.

Joanna is an award winning international coach who is passionate about helping people achieve personal and business success. Combining 20 years of operational experience with her behavioural expertise and leadership coaching, Joanna has worked with leading companies like Getty Images and the BBC to increase performance and results. If you’re interested to learn how Joanna can help you and your team, book your free discovery session with Joanna here

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