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CLC 2024

LIVE event in London

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This event is your opportunity to be in a room with purpose-driven leaders. To be empowered, inspired and discover the mindset and courage you need to take your leadership to the next level.

Featuring expert leadership panelists openly sharing their experiences along with leadership training by international award-winning coach Joanna Howes.


Diya Hofman

Head of Project Management at Nuevo

​The event is full of an amazing and inspiring collection of people, and the best thing about it is that I get to see people with so much credibility and experience behind them, be vulnerable, and share their story.

Josh Green

ECD at Octagon

Jo’s a visionary. It’s that simple. She’s a brilliant operator with an incredible natural empathy, Jo’s fantastic.

Lizi Hamer

ECD at Octagon and No2ndPlace

​Having an event like this to stand still and truly understand who you are and what the knock on effect of who you are has on others, positive and negative is invaluable.

About your host

Joanna is an international award-winning coach, change creator trainer and No.1 international best-selling author.

She specialises in helping leaders and teams to activate their full potential and lead businesses towards success.

Joanna has already created huge impact in building future-ready leaders and teams by equipping them with the essential mindset behaviours and skills they need to lead successfully into the future.

Joanna has 20 years’ experience working internationally with some of the world’s most awarded advertising agencies and leading them to operational and leadership success.

Joanna is a unique phenomenon within her industry as her blend of both innovative operational and transformative change solutions empowers organisations to create environments that are fun, safe and fearless for their employees.


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